Shared Account Application

Superlative Exemplar is extraordinarily proud of its members and we tend to treat each other as family. Our forums are busy and our gchat often provides hilarity, which can be entertaining during long fight sequences.

When we invite a new member who comes with account sharing, we want to get to know the shared member as well for these reasons:

We want you (the shared member) to feel as at home with us as the account owner.
We have a friendly, polite reputation that has been carefully built up over the years and if you can also appreciate this, then you’ll help us uphold that, no matter if the owner or shared member is on the account.
We also want you to contribute to the environment we have created, not be a silent partner.

Multi-boxers are often so focused on playing a batch of characters that they do not participate in guild. When that happens too often, dead guild chat and disinterest is the result. Superlative Exemplar will not let that happen.

So we’d like to get to know you. We’re not asking the same questions of you that we’d ask of our applicant. However, we’d like to know something of yourself … so please take the time to fill out the simplified application below. Thank you for taking the time to read our rules. The application form will ask the question, “Bread, meat, or potions? Wholemeal or Rye?” Simply answer with the phrase, “I love cheese!” and we’ll know that you’ve actually read this page.

Without further ado, here is the application form. Thank you for your time.

  1. What is your main’s name, class, guild, and level?
  2. How long have you known the account holder?
  3. What are your goals in Dofus?
  4. How do you think you could contribute to our environment?
  5. Bread, meat, or potions? Wholemeal or Rye?

When you’ve completed the form, please email your answers to us at:

We’ll contact you in-game as soon as we possibly can. Thanks for taking the time to contact us