Recruitment Requirements

If you are interested in joining our guild, please make sure you read our list of requirements carefully. Also, if you haven’t seen our About Us page yet you should read that to get a better understanding of what Superlative Exemplar is all about.

As a group primarily composed of players aged in their 20s and above, we’re looking for mature players. This doesn’t mean that you need be formal, but that you’re respectful of others. Younger players don’t tend to mesh well with us, so if you’re in your mid teens or younger, you may want to look elsewhere. We absolutely love keeping our /g chat rolling with laughter, so if you enjoy having a constant chuckle, or love cracking jokes, this will definitely be the place for you. We’re not the strongest players in the game, but we look after each other and work hard at making our members happy.

You’ll probably be a perfect fit for our guild if you fit these requirements:

  • You have a positive outlook, and don’t easily succumb to the negative pressures of the game.
  • You’re a mature person, who doesn’t get off on name-calling, or constant swearing.
  • You’re a relaxed individual, who doesn’t panic if they don’t have the best rank or strongest character.
  • You must be pay-to-play.

You’ll want to look for another guild if you enjoy any of the following:

  • Team Killing, or excessive PvPing. We don’t mind PvP players, but if you take pleasure in picking on people, or pride yourself on slaying the weak, you’re definitely not for us.
  • You use txt talk, 1337 speak, or can’t write in complete sentences. We’re sorry, but if you can’t communicate clearly, why should we listen?
  • You love cursing, name-calling, or belittling other players… Don’t even bother.
  • You have a ton of alts that you spend a lot of time on. We don’t mind if you spend time on other characters, but we don’t want you to be a total stranger, either.
  • The dynamics of the game really get you down. We understand that Dofus can be a pain at times, but if you don’t have a good attitude while playing, we don’t think you’ll fit well here.

We all have our own special interests in the game, but above everything, we take pleasure in being with our members first. We also organize plenty of dungeon runs, the occasional naked fight, and a good celebration for almost any occasion. We maintain guild paddocks, have professionals in pretty much every field, and have several guild houses in various locations for your potion teleporting convenience. Our members are scattered all over the planet, but a majority hail from America, Canada or Europe.  Brakmarians, Bontarians or neutral players will all find a good home.

Level Requirement

Our member’s levels range from the 140’s all the way to level 200, and we are constantly growing. Our players’ average is level 180 or higher and we’re eager to explore Frigost dungeons and other end game content. In order to prevent a large level gap between our established members and new recruits we have set the minimum level for acceptance at 120, although level 150 is preferred. In SE we place more value on a player’s personality than their character level, so there have been rare exceptions to this rule (we’ve met some really amazing people over the years!), but we do reject members at times.

Currently there is no mandatory guild XP donation required, but we may ask our members to help us reach milestone levels from time to time.

Dual-Boxing and Account Sharing

As stated in our Introduction, we take great pride in the exceptional reputation that our guild has earned and the close knit sense of community enjoyed by our members. In order to protect both of these things we must insist that prospective members inform us if they currently share their account information with another player or plan to do so in the future. Members wishing to share their account must first seek approval for the player(s) with whom they intend to share their character.

The majority of our members have joined with their primary character. We do allow alternate characters in our guild on a limited basis, but only if they are logged as frequently as your main character. We expect all characters to interact with our guild and do not tolerate alternates characters that make no effort to belong with our group. If you are considering applying with an alternate character that you only log on rare occasions you should look elsewhere.


If the above sounds like a great fit for you, we would love to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to read our rules. Our recruitment officers will ask the question, “Are you aware of the requirements to be accepted in Superlative Exemplar?” Simply answer with the phrase, “I like cheese!” and we’ll know that you’ve actually read this page.

If you’re online, you can also try contacting one of our current members to talk a bit and ask any questions, maybe even group for some battles. (Don’t think that whispering one of us gets you out of the application process though… it’s still required.) To reach them, send /whisper to Freebee, Sunbathe, ChankD, Shawsheen, or Toeplitz. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your interest in our guild.

Best wishes,
The Members of Superlative Exemplar