Oralind Icon100th Level Celebrations!

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It’s been a sometimes quiet, sometimes tumultuous road since we started out on this journey in 2005.   Steadily, we’ve climbed the ladder and now we’re about to reach the halfway mark of our odyssey.

Since Level 89, the officers have been planning a somewhat momentous party to market the occasion. So save the date/time to come have some fun with us.

Hide n Seek  The officers of Superlative Exemplar have found some crazy hiding spots and its your job to find us.  Check the forum for clues as to our whereabout.  Find us and claim some pretty extravagant prizing like trophies, scrolls, pods gear, pets, equipment.

Riddles  We’ve got some questions you’ll need to put on your thinking cap to answer.  The person at the end of the day with the most correct answers will win.  If there’s a tie, we’ll use a random number generator to determine the winner.

Poetry Slams  These will happen in game in /gchat at various points during the day .. get your rhyming dictionary out and prepare to battle your way to prizes.

To continue the celebration after we are done hiding, we can all have fun as a guild at our guild zaap. We are hoping to get a GM to come and turn us all into something cool!

We’ve collected over 45mk in prizing to hand out … be sure to claim a part of it!

Event time: 3:00 am Dofus

North America ~ Friday, August 30
Europe, Australia & Dofus  ~ Saturday, August 31h

To coordinate your time zone with our party
see the World Clock Event Planner



Oralind IconLink’d!

Superlative Exemplar is pleased, along with our new partners, to announce the formation of Link, an alliance of members who view The World of Twelve in much the same manner.  Not only is Link a nod to the seminal rpg game Legend of Zelda, it describes the interwoven friendships we have with the guilds who have joined together.

When you choose to participate in alignment affairs, you’ll see this new tag above your name, along with our own guild shield.  It is not mandatory to participate, although we are hopeful that you’ll try it out as we are anticipating some really fun times.  We have set up some guidelines that will hopefully answer most of your questions.  Just head on in and check out The /A Team Chat forum.

The world is changing dramatically .. please re-read the official devblog forum post so you’re aware of how this works.  Grab a coffee or a beer .. you’ll be reading for a while.  Spend the time to read over the longish page so you are up to speed on how your favorite game has changed.

You’ll see new names on our forums that don’t belong to SE … they, and you, are welcome to the alliance chat forums, Friendship is Magic.  You’ll see many of the corresponding names in the newly revamped alignment chat in game.  Please bring the SE brand of friendliness to that as well.

Hiroe IconZatoishwan love

Our improved color picker is up and running, and SE members are already having fun fiddling with new colors. But what about the rest of the Dofus world?

Nixie of Skyline (Zatoishwan server) has already spread the word by mentioning it on her beautiful guild website. I took a look around and they even have scavenger hunts and annual Ms & Mr Skyline events! What’s not to love?

If you play on Zato and bump into her, say “hi” from us! :)

Intuo IconIntroducing the CamoMount Color Picker!

Our very own Hiroe is not only an Eniripsa extraordinaire, but she also knows her way around a Flash file! She created this handy tool for all of the Dofus fashionistas out there who want their chameleon dragoturkey to look just as stylish as their character. This color picker works just like the one in game, so give it a whirl and pick out that perfect palette for your poultry posthaste!

Oralind IconSunny Day Contest, Part IV

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This one is soooo big we couldn’t wait for Sun to announce the winner of our Cooking Contest.  We wanted to give you a full month to get this one completed, so here goes …

We have so many talented, creative people in Superlative Exemplar .. and while many have different outlets for creativity, we know the one thing we have in common is our love for the this guild.   So we’re asking you to take your particular talent and turn it into a recruiting ad for us.

Here are some ways we can envision that happening:

  • Video
  • Music
  • Graphics (banners or posters for the web, animations)
  • poetry
  • prose
  • paintings
  • interactive applications

All works should be suitable for posting either here, Imp’s Village, or on the official website.

Contest Rules

  1. Entries must include:
    • The words “Superlative Exemplar”
    • The word “Rushu”
    • The words “Seven years of  awesome”  (other superlatives will be accepted)
  2. Contest closing is end of day, server time on the last day of February, 2013.

The contest prize is 10,000,000 kamas.  That’s ten million kamas!!


Oralind IconFamiliar Faces in New Places

January has been a month with exciting things going on behind the bushes at Sufokia Zaap.  You always knew there was funny business … right?

While this is not news for a lot of people, we should make it official with a post here on the website.

Please welcome longtime member Hiroe to the government team.  While normally a bit on the quiet side in guild chat, she’s really been a steady influence on the government team, keeping us on track and bringing up things we can improve.  Right now, at her instigation, we’re in the middle of a revamp of our application form .. you can look forward to seeing some more fun questions there.

Also, Intuo’s active return has given us a chance to twist his arm into returning to the government role.  Many of the SE old-schoolers will remember that Intuo held the GM title for quite a long time.  He’s a breath of fresh air to our current team, adding kind, thoughtful remarks to our discussions.

Valfreze moves to the position of Diplomat who, while not active in game, offers so much sage advice that we can’t imagine handling our forums without his help.

Next, we have a new rank … Treasurer.

We’re still cobbling together what chests they’ll be responsible for and what we can release to the guild members … so when we have that together, you’ll see a detailed forum post.  Zaogun, Luckybaub, Giallorossi and Shawsheen have accepted the added responsibility for helping members add and remove goods, so we’ll go over exactly what that entails that in our coming post.

The big news that affects you immediately is that only Treasurers and Governors will be able to pick up other people’s percs.  Since most of you thought this was already the situation, it should affect few of you.

Right now, you can check out Zaogun’s new contest/event post where you can possibly win the gear or other stuff of your Dofus dreams.

Oralind IconSunny Day, Part Trois

Food Fight!


While everyone is dieting off the sins of the holiday season, Sun is tempting us with a whopping prize for someone who can recreate one of the recipes from the Ankama kitchens.  Go to the Dofuswiki and check out the recipes for butchers, bakers, and fishmongers.  Decide which you’d like to create, then make sure you get your submission in on time.

Here are some rules … because we need them.

  • No live animals to be harmed! (ie catbread)
  • Tell us which recipe you’re creating and include it in your submission.
  • Take pictures of the process, take a photo of the finished product (might be nice to have a shot of you with the finished product)
  • Pretend you’re a Food Network star and sell us on the sizzle of your submission.
  • Submissions to be in by end of day, Sunday, January 26, 2013.  That gives you two and half weeks to prepare your dish.
  • Have a lot of fun in the kitchen!
Check the forums for thought starter pictures.

Winning entry:  5 million kamas!



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