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Sunbathe IconEcho, Echo, Echo!

Greetings! The latest news from Ankama is the server merger! 10 servers were merged together this week on Dofus. I’m afraid Rushu is no more! Welcome to your new server, Echo. Don’t worry, everything will be the same in game. You’ll have the same items, friends, and homes. Although, there will be a lot of new faces! Check it out in game. It has a brought a lot of life to the international servers.

Sunbathe IconHappy 11th Birthday!

A guild that is now older than Dofus’ new players! As we near our teenage years things have become quieter and quieter. You can hear the crickets chirping! It seems that year 11 has pushed us over the edge! We had a nice 10th birthday with some trivia, giveaways, and a party last year. Apparently 11 is just too much! I hope all are healthy and doing well with their families, careers, and *cough* better games!

Oralind Icon100th Level Celebrations!

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It’s been a sometimes quiet, sometimes tumultuous road since we started out on this journey in 2005.   Steadily, we’ve climbed the ladder and now we’re about to reach the halfway mark of our odyssey.

Since Level 89, the officers have been planning a somewhat momentous party to market the occasion. So save the date/time to come have some fun with us.

Hide n Seek  The officers of Superlative Exemplar have found some crazy hiding spots and its your job to find us.  Check the forum for clues as to our whereabout.  Find us and claim some pretty extravagant prizing like trophies, scrolls, pods gear, pets, equipment.

Riddles  We’ve got some questions you’ll need to put on your thinking cap to answer.  The person at the end of the day with the most correct answers will win.  If there’s a tie, we’ll use a random number generator to determine the winner.

Poetry Slams  These will happen in game in /gchat at various points during the day .. get your rhyming dictionary out and prepare to battle your way to prizes.

To continue the celebration after we are done hiding, we can all have fun as a guild at our guild zaap. We are hoping to get a GM to come and turn us all into something cool!

We’ve collected over 45mk in prizing to hand out … be sure to claim a part of it!

Event time: 3:00 am Dofus

North America ~ Friday, August 30
Europe, Australia & Dofus  ~ Saturday, August 31h

To coordinate your time zone with our party
see the World Clock Event Planner



Oralind IconA Sunny Day at SE

Happy 7th SE

Happy Anniversary!!

Seven years ago, the Superlative Exemplar guild was created with a handful of friends and a dream of becoming something unique and unusual.

We’ve had our share of ups and downs along the way, but today we stand with the oldest guilds in Dofus as a thriving member of the Rushu community, on this, our seventh birthday. Moreover, we’re still a group of friends, we’re still unique and as far as unusual goes .. we leave that up to individuals.

To commemorate our remarkable achievement, we’ll be dipping into Sunbathe’s kama chest .. and yes, her chest was huge … worth tens of millions! Stick with us as we give it all away to our favorite people!

To kick off the fun, we’re giving you a week for this first contest .. anyone can participate. Baub seems to have been channelling our governor channel chat through the ether because he showed us exactly what we want you to have fun with. Check this post.

Because these kamas were generously donated by Sun, our first requirement is that you create a sun design. You decide how it looks, what color it is and where it is.

Our very own Sunbathe will be the judge.

You have until 6:00 pm server time on Monday, November 26th to create and submit your screenshots. Winner announced on Tuesday the 27th.

The prize … 1 million kamas.

Oralind IconFreezing Frigost Fighting

If the day dawned, our little group didn’t see it through the blowing snow and murk as we trudged across Frigost’s frozen wastelands, tripping over small woodland creatures who were more likely to want to take your leg off as scamper out of the way.

Each hillock we rounded, every time we threaded through a stand of trees, each tiny trail that petered off into a sheet of ice .. each one gave us a taste of Mother Nature at her worst.   Nasty creatures and worse weather hampered our journey to the fabled Dungeons of Frigost.


If your journey has ground to an frozen halt, perhaps what you need is some heat for back up.  Check out Thesenuts’ Frigost April 2012 post in Contest and Events.  Let him know what’s next on your list for the beatdown.  Let’s get through this together!

Since my last post, our guild has grown by leaps, adding Derriere, Wildmustang, Swift-fox, Shunknown, Sacfire, Chebsor and Fluffy, AkibaCheeba, Ibluff, Fault-zone and Shawsheen.   A huge, warm welcome to you all.

Another reason to raise a glass … Shawsheen and Thesenuts have reached the ultimate level and their final character aura .. congrats on 200, guys.  Luckybaub, a speedy li’l devil for an old man, has reached the 150 mark.  Well done!

Oralind IconOngoing forum issues

I’ve been in contact with Shy/Aerate and he’s been slammed at work, putting in 12 hour days.  I know .. he should just quit and come play with us again, amirite?

Anyway, he’s running into technical snags when trying to bring our boards into some semblance of updated and may have caused us to lose imaging capabilities for capcha, which is preventing people from registering.

Helping us clean up our site remains very high on his list of downtime activities, but we will need to excercise patience for a while longer.

Those of you new to guild who’d like to see the gold that is here .. its worth the wait.  Promise.

Oralind IconCoffee Break

The old guy hobbled into view slowly, stopping briefly to adjust himself as old men sometimes do when they’ve lost their sense of public propriety, then continued on down the street.  As he neared the patio where I was taking in the sunshine and a bit of people watching along with my morning tea, I could hear that he was humming to himself.  He looked up and at me, waved his cane and nearly toppled over.  I repressed a chuckle, but I did give him bright smile.  He took that as a cue to introduce himself.  Erfoc he said he was looking for the SE guild hall, then pulled out a small flask from a rather cavernous pocket.  He winked and waved it in my direction with a questioning look.  Natrually, I accepted.   The  drink was smooth and well aged … like my new friend.  Welcome to SE, Erfoc.

In other news, we’ve dungeoned with Intuo and Wikeon this week and  Hailwing dropped by to bestow gifts on various folks.  Both myself and Fish-stick have acquired full Soft Oak sets with the help of many generous guild members.   Blocking Oralind’s shot has been elevated to a guild sport, Peique continues to menace the denizens of Kwismas Taiga and Fish-stick has been elevated to Proctector status.

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