About Us

Superlative Exemplar, latin for Finest Example, was founded nearly ten years ago to provide a safe haven for mature players who believe wholeheartedly in politeness, respect, and friendship. Superlative Exemplar’s intention is to be a breath of fresh air for like-minded adults who need a better game environment than what’s offered from the often hot-headed younger players; a place to relax, chat with friends, and treat Dofus as what it is: a game.

We greatly value our members and strive to create amongst ourselves a strong sense of camaraderie. Though we play at times for the success of our own endeavors, we take time to listen to one another, to look out for one another, and to provide aid at the time it is needed.

All members of SE are expected to be respectful and helpful to all players both within and outside of our guild. When dealing with Perceptor fights, aggressions, or kolo matches our members are expected to interact with others in a civil manner and uphold the ethic of good sportsmanship.

Superlative Exemplar has worked hard to maintain a respectable reputation within the Dofus community. We recognize that one individual is capable of tarnishing this reputation so we take great care in selecting our members. In this age of account sharing we are keenly aware that people from outside of the guild may have access to our members’ accounts. Members wishing to share their account must first seek approval for the player(s) with whom they intend to share their character. We insist on this in order to protect both our reputation as a guild and the close knit sense of community enjoyed by our members.

We recognize that we are playing a game so we try to maintain as few laws as possible, but the ones we do have are of the utmost importance to us as a community of like minded players. In the case where a member of SE fails to uphold the ideals of Superlative Exemplar, an Offier will chat with that individual and let him/her know what the problem is, and encourage the player to improve. If no improvement is made, the player will be at risk for being removed from the guild.

We try to make Superlative Exemplar a laid back, fun, family-like place to be — and our members often comment that this guild is one of their main reasons for continuing to play Dofus. We’re a community, not a competitive hierarchy. Every member of SE is welcome to step up and offer changes for improvement in order to make our community of Finest Example players the finest there is.