Oralind IconLink’d!

Superlative Exemplar is pleased, along with our new partners, to announce the formation of Link, an alliance of members who view The World of Twelve in much the same manner.  Not only is Link a nod to the seminal rpg game Legend of Zelda, it describes the interwoven friendships we have with the guilds who have joined together.

When you choose to participate in alignment affairs, you’ll see this new tag above your name, along with our own guild shield.  It is not mandatory to participate, although we are hopeful that you’ll try it out as we are anticipating some really fun times.  We have set up some guidelines that will hopefully answer most of your questions.  Just head on in and check out The /A Team Chat forum.

The world is changing dramatically .. please re-read the official devblog forum post so you’re aware of how this works.  Grab a coffee or a beer .. you’ll be reading for a while.  Spend the time to read over the longish page so you are up to speed on how your favorite game has changed.

You’ll see new names on our forums that don’t belong to SE … they, and you, are welcome to the alliance chat forums, Friendship is Magic.  You’ll see many of the corresponding names in the newly revamped alignment chat in game.  Please bring the SE brand of friendliness to that as well.

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