Oralind IconFamiliar Faces in New Places

January has been a month with exciting things going on behind the bushes at Sufokia Zaap.  You always knew there was funny business … right?

While this is not news for a lot of people, we should make it official with a post here on the website.

Please welcome longtime member Hiroe to the government team.  While normally a bit on the quiet side in guild chat, she’s really been a steady influence on the government team, keeping us on track and bringing up things we can improve.  Right now, at her instigation, we’re in the middle of a revamp of our application form .. you can look forward to seeing some more fun questions there.

Also, Intuo’s active return has given us a chance to twist his arm into returning to the government role.  Many of the SE old-schoolers will remember that Intuo held the GM title for quite a long time.  He’s a breath of fresh air to our current team, adding kind, thoughtful remarks to our discussions.

Valfreze moves to the position of Diplomat who, while not active in game, offers so much sage advice that we can’t imagine handling our forums without his help.

Next, we have a new rank … Treasurer.

We’re still cobbling together what chests they’ll be responsible for and what we can release to the guild members … so when we have that together, you’ll see a detailed forum post.  Zaogun, Luckybaub, Giallorossi and Shawsheen have accepted the added responsibility for helping members add and remove goods, so we’ll go over exactly what that entails that in our coming post.

The big news that affects you immediately is that only Treasurers and Governors will be able to pick up other people’s percs.  Since most of you thought this was already the situation, it should affect few of you.

Right now, you can check out Zaogun’s new contest/event post where you can possibly win the gear or other stuff of your Dofus dreams.

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