Oralind IconNew governor Nixi

The Governors of Superlative Exemplar ask you to give a friendly thump on the back and an “atta girl!” to Nixi, who joins our ranks today.

Nixi has shown … through extending the hand of friendship to many, through getting to know our recruits even before they join guild, through stewardship of the Almanax program in Fish’s absence … that she understands exactly what it means to lead by example.

Nixi’s role here is yet to be determined as we sort through the stuff that Sunbathe was working on, but I do expect that her hand will be visible quite shortly.

Congratulations, Nixi!


One Response to “New governor Nixi”

  1. Philxnin Says:

    NIXI (Sammy) is awesome. I’m very happy for her <3333