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Oralind IconA Sunny Day at SE

Happy 7th SE

Happy Anniversary!!

Seven years ago, the Superlative Exemplar guild was created with a handful of friends and a dream of becoming something unique and unusual.

We’ve had our share of ups and downs along the way, but today we stand with the oldest guilds in Dofus as a thriving member of the Rushu community, on this, our seventh birthday. Moreover, we’re still a group of friends, we’re still unique and as far as unusual goes .. we leave that up to individuals.

To commemorate our remarkable achievement, we’ll be dipping into Sunbathe’s kama chest .. and yes, her chest was huge … worth tens of millions! Stick with us as we give it all away to our favorite people!

To kick off the fun, we’re giving you a week for this first contest .. anyone can participate. Baub seems to have been channelling our governor channel chat through the ether because he showed us exactly what we want you to have fun with. Check this post.

Because these kamas were generously donated by Sun, our first requirement is that you create a sun design. You decide how it looks, what color it is and where it is.

Our very own Sunbathe will be the judge.

You have until 6:00 pm server time on Monday, November 26th to create and submit your screenshots. Winner announced on Tuesday the 27th.

The prize … 1 million kamas.

Oralind IconNew governor Nixi

The Governors of Superlative Exemplar ask you to give a friendly thump on the back and an “atta girl!” to Nixi, who joins our ranks today.

Nixi has shown … through extending the hand of friendship to many, through getting to know our recruits even before they join guild, through stewardship of the Almanax program in Fish’s absence … that she understands exactly what it means to lead by example.

Nixi’s role here is yet to be determined as we sort through the stuff that Sunbathe was working on, but I do expect that her hand will be visible quite shortly.

Congratulations, Nixi!