Oralind IconA Summer Song

I can’t believe the summer has flown past. It seems only yesterday that I was battling high winds and freezing temperatures with a small team of intrepid guildies.

We’ve grown up over the summer .. just level 59 when Kelar and Girlfat joined us, we’re now a healthy level 71 with a whopping 20 level 200 players and another 17 working their way through level 199.  Our average level is 171 and just 8 players have yet to reach that sparkly hundredth level.

We’ve seen so many excellent people join us .. our guild halls are full of the clatter of plates and jostling elbows around the kitchen tables, the click of rolling dice from the games room, clanking bottles and whooping cheers from the lounge … and finally .. the stench of snowfoux blood on the armour left in the back hall for cleaning by hapless apprentices.

Rushu’s respected members have made their way to our guild door and now .. well, now we have a guild band.  We just need a good name before we take our show on the road!

New feet under the kitchen table belong to Nallyoh, Peetz and Ami-X, Nguzu, Keats and Mooks, Zaogun, Ravoras, Heda, Giallorossi, AngelValkyrie, PapaNature, Sagan and Darwin and team, Kiks, Cider, Chiveon, Aegir, Ultimo-Arc, Silent-Panther, Googled and Alfried.  TheBlingo and Yuki-Hana have found their way back through the wilderness to claim bunks of their own again as well.

Welcome all!

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