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Oralind IconFresh Fish!

It is with pleasure that the governors announce the addition of Fish-Stick to our ranks today.

Sometimes a person can take on a job and do it so well it’s hard to recognize that the idea originated elsewhere. Such is the case with Fish-Stick and the Almanax forum and chests in game. The enthusiasm he’s shown for helping us all acquire new a new dofus and willingness to work at it for the long haul is hugely commendable and meritorious of a change in his status.

Fish is a long term member of this guild, since he was a wet-behind-the-ears kid dreaming about gobball sets. We can think of no better person to represent the connectivity and feeling of home that this guild gives its members over the years.

Please join us in offering Fish-Stick our support in his new endeavours!

Oralind IconProfession of the Week

Good day to you all!

It is always a wonderful thing to have plenty of crafters in one location. Our goal is to be able to equip our guild with enough professionals so that we won’t be forced to look elsewhere.

We have an idea to host a weekly profession-leveling spree somewhat like Sagan does with the raffle for equipment.

How will it work?

If you have a profession that is level 50+, you will be able to enter your name for the chance to win help levelling your profession for an entire week!

This will involve the whole guild and require everyone to work together to donate and drop mats needed to level the winning profession. We will draw a name each Friday, giving us the weekend to help farm mats, if necessary.

Entries should include the name of the item(s) you’d like to craft and list of resources needed.

Certain professions are rather difficult to finish off alone, but if we work together we could be an unstoppable force!

Oralind IconA Changing of the Guard

Superlative Exemplar has entered into an era of rejuvenation, like the Titanic raised from the ocean bed and restored to full grandeur.   Our once mighty guild is inexorably returning to the ranks of great Rushu guilds.  We have a plethora of maximum level players and soon-to-be-maximum-level players, loads of activity on the forums, people online almost any time of day to group with, laughter and good times in purple chat and steady, but relentless advancement of guild levels.

With all this happening, it’s also a great time to inject a shot of adrenalin into the governor ranks.

Sunbathe has long been a respected member of SE, offering her help, insight and sense of humour on the forums and in game. And on Facebook.  Those of you who follow her there, or here, know the fun that Sun brings to all her activities.  Sun will be undertaking an update of our professionals list.

Ace McCloud is a returning member who exemplifies the type of person others like to be around.  Always cheerful, sometimes irreverent, often found helping run dungeons or crafting for guild members; Ace exudes charisma and boyish charm in huge amounts. Our forums and front page, while once held as the standard by which others were measured, have become a bit dusty.  It’s our hope that the team of Aerate and Ace will do some cleaning and sprucifying, making them the shiny once more.

Peetz, while being a relative newcomer, has already left indelible fingerprints all over our guild activities.  Teaming up with Thesenuts, his passion to get all our guild members through Frigost dungeons and for percs ‘vendetta’ hunts has resulted in many, many happy hours of game play.  He’s there with the ready mats for crafting, with fun chat and is always willing to lend a hand.

Please join the governors in offering them heartfelt congratulations when next you run across them.

Also, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to outgoing governors not just for holding the fort when there only walls to talk to, but for the drive and vision to recreate the greatness that is SE.  Without your shoulders to stand upon, we would not be once again looking across the grasslands of Amakna, ready to take on the World of Twelve… or maybe set it on fire.

Oralind IconA Summer Song

I can’t believe the summer has flown past. It seems only yesterday that I was battling high winds and freezing temperatures with a small team of intrepid guildies.

We’ve grown up over the summer .. just level 59 when Kelar and Girlfat joined us, we’re now a healthy level 71 with a whopping 20 level 200 players and another 17 working their way through level 199.  Our average level is 171 and just 8 players have yet to reach that sparkly hundredth level.

We’ve seen so many excellent people join us .. our guild halls are full of the clatter of plates and jostling elbows around the kitchen tables, the click of rolling dice from the games room, clanking bottles and whooping cheers from the lounge … and finally .. the stench of snowfoux blood on the armour left in the back hall for cleaning by hapless apprentices.

Rushu’s respected members have made their way to our guild door and now .. well, now we have a guild band.  We just need a good name before we take our show on the road!

New feet under the kitchen table belong to Nallyoh, Peetz and Ami-X, Nguzu, Keats and Mooks, Zaogun, Ravoras, Heda, Giallorossi, AngelValkyrie, PapaNature, Sagan and Darwin and team, Kiks, Cider, Chiveon, Aegir, Ultimo-Arc, Silent-Panther, Googled and Alfried.  TheBlingo and Yuki-Hana have found their way back through the wilderness to claim bunks of their own again as well.

Welcome all!