Oralind IconFreezing Frigost Fighting

If the day dawned, our little group didn’t see it through the blowing snow and murk as we trudged across Frigost’s frozen wastelands, tripping over small woodland creatures who were more likely to want to take your leg off as scamper out of the way.

Each hillock we rounded, every time we threaded through a stand of trees, each tiny trail that petered off into a sheet of ice .. each one gave us a taste of Mother Nature at her worst.   Nasty creatures and worse weather hampered our journey to the fabled Dungeons of Frigost.


If your journey has ground to an frozen halt, perhaps what you need is some heat for back up.  Check out Thesenuts’ Frigost April 2012 post in Contest and Events.  Let him know what’s next on your list for the beatdown.  Let’s get through this together!

Since my last post, our guild has grown by leaps, adding Derriere, Wildmustang, Swift-fox, Shunknown, Sacfire, Chebsor and Fluffy, AkibaCheeba, Ibluff, Fault-zone and Shawsheen.   A huge, warm welcome to you all.

Another reason to raise a glass … Shawsheen and Thesenuts have reached the ultimate level and their final character aura .. congrats on 200, guys.  Luckybaub, a speedy li’l devil for an old man, has reached the 150 mark.  Well done!

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