Oralind IconOngoing forum issues

I’ve been in contact with Shy/Aerate and he’s been slammed at work, putting in 12 hour days.  I know .. he should just quit and come play with us again, amirite?

Anyway, he’s running into technical snags when trying to bring our boards into some semblance of updated and may have caused us to lose imaging capabilities for capcha, which is preventing people from registering.

Helping us clean up our site remains very high on his list of downtime activities, but we will need to excercise patience for a while longer.

Those of you new to guild who’d like to see the gold that is here .. its worth the wait.  Promise.

One Response to “Ongoing forum issues”

  1. Aerate Says:

    Forums updated. Please forgive the delays. Also, as part of the clean up from removing hundreds of spam bots, I may have accidentally removed a few legitimate, but zero post count users. Sorry if your account was removed during this pruning process. If you re-register, the problem shouldn’t occur again. Thanks for your understanding! <3