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Muha IconGuild Contest

Girlfat has generously sponsored a guild contest. Head to the forums and check it out. You have until March 3rd to find a time to participate. Details can be found in the Contests and Events section of the forums. Good luck SE’ers!

Oralind IconForums offline?

I spoke with Shy this week .. some of you know him as Aerate.   He’ll be doing some work on the site in the coming days, so if you find it offline, don’t panic.  We’re going to update the php and WordPress and hopefully also accomplish some cosmetic stuff to make it easier to post large screenshots.

It’s also our goal to get rid of the annoying spambots that the admins eliminate by the hundreds.

Oralind IconCoffee Break

Girlfat threw open the guildhouse door and Kelar stepped inside.  “The place could use a bit of sprucing up,” she voiced.  “This couch needs replaced, the walls need new paint and yes, a new color scheme would be good.  Maybe something in green with white accents.  And oh yes, the place needs a couple of special additions … a wine cooler and a white puppy.”

And so the Spacemanspliff family has moved right into the Superlative Examplar guildhall.  Kelar is happily plumping cushions while Girlfat plays with the puppy.  When they’re not knocking off would-be kolosium champions, that is.

We’ve seen a batch of shiny old faces this week with the return of some much loved members.  A big welcome home party for Shovel-fail, Kaamra and Big-heart is planned for Friday at Otomai.  Bring your beach towels!