Oralind IconCoffee Break

The old guy hobbled into view slowly, stopping briefly to adjust himself as old men sometimes do when they’ve lost their sense of public propriety, then continued on down the street.  As he neared the patio where I was taking in the sunshine and a bit of people watching along with my morning tea, I could hear that he was humming to himself.  He looked up and at me, waved his cane and nearly toppled over.  I repressed a chuckle, but I did give him bright smile.  He took that as a cue to introduce himself.  Erfoc he said he was looking for the SE guild hall, then pulled out a small flask from a rather cavernous pocket.  He winked and waved it in my direction with a questioning look.  Natrually, I accepted.   The  drink was smooth and well aged … like my new friend.  Welcome to SE, Erfoc.

In other news, we’ve dungeoned with Intuo and Wikeon this week and  Hailwing dropped by to bestow gifts on various folks.  Both myself and Fish-stick have acquired full Soft Oak sets with the help of many generous guild members.   Blocking Oralind’s shot has been elevated to a guild sport, Peique continues to menace the denizens of Kwismas Taiga and Fish-stick has been elevated to Proctector status.

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