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Valfreze IconTime for a change

Greetings all Difficult times approach as Superlative Exemplar has seen a catastrophic decrease in governor activity. Of 5 original governors, 3 have been missing in action due to RL issues. They haven’t stepped down from the job, but nonetheless cannot commit for Dofus at this time. Though the remaining 2 governors have attempted their best, we have had difficulty in balancing Dofus with RL too.

Hence I think the time cannot be anymore appropriate to announce new governors. We have discussed suggestions made by each governor, and chose what we thought were the best to fill this role. It’s been a hard selection. But we believe we’ve made the best one, and we can only hope you may support us on this. Without much ado, we proudly announce our three newest governors:


For her benevolent compassion to care recruitment


For his thoughtfulness and enthusiasm to lead people

And last but definitely not least,


For his kindness and omnipresence to refer to

Let’s give a round of applause, a huge congratulations to all three!