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Valfreze IconSEED’s expansion

Good day to you all, we have another SEED announcement to make shortly after our last one! The pandas of panda of SE,  Thyfatone has attained the epic phase status recently. Thyfatone marks our first follower of the Pandawan of Superlative Exemplar. It’s been long… but a worthwhile journey! In the midst of his Panda rivals Thesenuts and Sytry racked through the levels of epic phase, Thyfatone had waited patiently until his time had come. And it has arrived!

Congratulations to the big level 150 mark Thy! Your full class set is available to you now for some more haxage.


Good bye luck, old friend. May the Force be with you.
Obi-Wan Kenobi Thyfatone, to his former Pandawan Anakin Skywalker Sytry before traveling to Utapau Fungus Caves