Valfreze IconTwo new faces to the epic club!

Ladies and gentlemen, today I announce two special candidates who have gained entry into SEED (Superlative Exemplar Epic… eh, what’s a word that starts with D to make it a nice acronym. Desperado-club). Let’s give a round of applause to CrazyKoopa and Thesenuts!

Upon achieving SEED CrazyKoopa notes, “[I don’t know] what to say, I’m flabbergasted”. “flab-ber-gahs-ted“, he corrects. Unfortunately the World of Twelve collapsed into it weekly armageddon known as “maintenance” so Thesenuts could not be reached.

The two marks our scarce earth hitters of SE, long live strength characters and congrats you two!

3 Responses to “Two new faces to the epic club!”

  1. Muha Says:

    Gratz Nuts and Koopa! *fairyworks*

  2. Chimney Says:

    Congrats you two!!

    What the heck is SEED?

  3. TheMutaytor Says:

    Yay, I’ve known Koopa since I first stated, he is fun to play with.