Valfreze IconThe Observer (Hail), Issue 2

Out of a haze, we were wadding through weird potion rooms with weird designs made to distract you from the…ooo look! A butterfly :D

The darn designs were VERY distracting! Almost as bad as the ever-present coin tossed, almost without thought, by Crotchety.

Looking around at the motley crew searching for the mythical tynril vines, there was a comforting feeling of being prepared.

After all, we had all elements that the World of the Twelve had to offer!

Fears-hold Transpositioned from spot to spot on whispering winds. Muha’s electrical influences of Cloudy Attack were outdone only by her continuous giggling. Thyfatone’s nervous casting of Pandatak in tetris style glyphs created earth shattering quakes while Ryonix’s Slaughtering Shovel cleared a path through the dense thickets of jungle.

Yes, the group was prepared but there were stragglers. I kept to the back of the group with Hailx, back away from the harsh vines the group was flowing through. After all, they were seasoned adventurer’s and I was new to this Dark Jungle.

Thesenuts had a sinking feeling that if Crotchety had petitioned the gods for some type of Bribery or some other type of Fortune, no Stain would remain needed…. little did he know that the dofus gods had plans for the group that would forever change their views on the current easily traversed jungle, Pandawasta or not!

As we entered the clearing set out on our maps, we prepared our gear before the final trek of our journey. Before we knew it, there were vines snaking through the clearing, winding around everyone not agile enough to evade the clutching appendages!

Within minutes we were spit with our very lives resting in the hands of the few who had survived the deadly first attack and then…

Our soul survivor Muha had barricaded herself in a protective shell of Feca’s Shield while she brushed off the vines with Natural Attacks.

Through constricted throats we cried for our lone Feca standing against the threat we were unprepared for… “go go muha!” … yes, tynril had suprised us and our state of shock cost us dearly.

Slowly…as if in a dream Hailwing opened her eyes to a bright bontarian morning with piwi’s twerping their morning delight.

Tynril may have gotten the best of my dreams but when next we meet i will cleave the vines with my Cheeken Axe!!!!

Thx for the fun this evening all :D
Tynril 1 S.E. 0
we need to correct this score in the future ^^

2 Responses to “The Observer (Hail), Issue 2”

  1. Intuo Says:

    Fantastic story! Even in brutal defeat an epic tale can still be told… and our brave warriors will one day have their revenge!

  2. rynoix Says:

    The score’s at Tynril 1 S.E. 1