Intuo IconHiroe – Our Goultarminator hero!

Our very own Hiroe has been selected as one of 3 possible Eniripsa representatives for Rushu in the GOULTARMINATOR tournament! We couldn’t be more proud of our Eni-extraordinaire! She is definitely one amazing Eni, but don’t take my word for it… read what Hiroe wrote herself:

I believe a strong character is one who knows how to combine class spells abilities with tactics and competitive equipment. I am proud to say I’ve been following this belief which resulted in the character I am today, based upon: – Experience: I’ve been playing Dofus for over 3 years. Being level 200 there is no spell I haven’t tried, no mystery I haven’t solved, no trick I haven’t heard of. I took the time to know myself as well as my enemies. – Skill: tactical thinking, able to make optimal decisions in short time. – Very competitive end-game equipment supporting all of the above.

It’s hard to argue with a pitch like that! Now Hiroe needs your vote on the official forums! Click here to go to the voting page. (and don’t let the forum maintenance screens discourage you, keep trying and you’ll get in eventually!)

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  1. Alhia Says:

    Yay Hiroe!