Valfreze IconAnother oldie among the ranks

Aye, aye… I know I’ve been slacking with news headlines. That’s why this announcement is a tad belated. But an announcement nevertheless!

Let’s give a round of applause to blaow for attaining Protector! Congratulations for surviving through SEISMIC (Superlative Exemplar Initiation…. okay, I’ll stop with these lame acronyms) – a test of courage, knowledge, virtue and faith that all pre-SE’ers must endure to reach true status of the Finest Example.

Ahem, old SE’ers down the back row, stop giggling. Just because we don’t really have it is no reason to rain on the speech.

Anyhow congrats again blaow. You mark our 10th Enutrof in SE! It’s no lie we love Enutrof’s and who wouldn’t! With their wild olden day stories and there uncanny ability to find treasure it’s a win-win in our eyes! ;)

One Response to “Another oldie among the ranks”

  1. Hiroe Says:

    Grats blaow! =D