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Valfreze IconSoulparty Extravaganza!

So there we were…
Scaras on our left, Moo on our right. Tactics came into play and we had to decide what our strategy would be before things got too hot!
Bonta arena was alive with the noise of the crouds gathered to watch the soulstone parties battling for survival (and drops of course) ^^
Within the groups of revellers were a group of SE’er veterans up to the challenge of the current soulstone barrage!
The LAG BEAST laid claim to Thyfatone for as short time while Thesenuts and Sytry weakened our foes.
Valfreze hopped to and fro to lend a hand while CrazyKoopa modified the odds in our favour. IvIeIzLiN slowed the battle to our pace in time for Clovet to join the fray!
As we prepared to join together, Thesenuts prepared a battle we wouldn’t hear the end of! A battle to end ALL battles! Something all SE members would be able to tell their children about!

and the soulstone was cracked open

the veterans would have to face – a soulstone of SHIN LARVA (excluding shin larva) :X

– thx for the fun soulstone party this weekend all :D