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vio IconOMG! Look up there! Is that a tofu? An IMP’s carrier?

No! It’s an incredible hax leveling Cra named Blyxx! In a few short months since his return to his Superlative family at level 86, he has rocketed up through the levels at an insane pace and hit 150! You are a leveling machine Blyxx! Careful Int, if he keeps up this pace he’ll hit 200 before you do! Grats Blyxx!

vio IconThe incredible return of an original from the future

HaHa Made you read that twice! I could have said Downunder, but I had to be different.

One of the Original members of our Superlative family returned from a nearly 3 year long break. Never one to succumb to Intimidation, he made up for his long delayed Increase in levels. With a Strengthstorm of Concentration he grabbed his Celestial Sword and Cut through the remaining levels to his sparkly goal leaving behind a swath of Mutilation. After such a long absence he felt a great deal of Pressure and a driving Compulsion to attain the once lofty goals of level 100! Using his Divine Sword,  great amounts of Vitality, he shouldered his Sword of Fate and dealt a great Blow to any creature that crossed his path. To the uninitiated be warned. Do not suffer this Iop’s Wrath if you know what’s good for you. He will grab up his Sword of Iop and with Bravery Guide to lead him, he will hunt you down and if you don’t give him his due, he will Brockle you into watching his new shine. Welcome back from the future past Mikka and grats on the new shine to your armor!