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vio IconEpic Eni hits 200!

Our Epic Eni Hiroe has done it! The first in SE to hit 200! Grats Hiroe on such an incredible accomplishment! The dedication and work that went into achieving such Epic status is immense. Way to go Hiroe!

Valfreze IconEven more Indestructible!

Today violetnurse, our SE governor and beloved typo Queen, has joined the Epic Club of level 150s. Its where there’s a hidden passage inside our Huge Kokonut house and the SESS (Superlative Exemplar Secret Service) guards the place with a list. She will mention her name and show her now-epic sparkly, and will be escorted inside to the back room referred as the “Epic Club”. There, she will be welcomed with handshakes from the most prestigious members of Dofus and treated with all sorts of goodies, yummies, and wine. There will also be a tree that grows kamas available to anyone wanting a little fortune, and free characteristic point resets with a complimentary full course of scrolling. 

So great being part of the Epic Club, isn’t it? It’s no wonder why all those level 150+’s have a little smirk on their face with completely scrolled stats and a pocket full of kamas.


Wait a sec… you’re telling me that you’ve reached 150+ but haven’t seen any of this?


Anyhow, congratulations on 150 vio. You might not meet the SESS but at least the full class set is available to you now!