McGoobs IconWTF?!?! Number 20 and 21 for level 150!!

That’s right! We recently had our 20th and 21st to reach that epic level of 150! That almost 1/3 of the guild! I think I might need a tissue…..

Valfreze, our newest Superlative Exemplar governor, coasted through the 150 mark just like a Feca would……with his shield on and staf…… I mean AXE a blazing! He does more damage than me and I’m a higher level! Truely amazing! Let’s give this 2nd Nub Feca and huge congrats!

Aguacate, who was a few weeks ago below 100 (if I do remember correctly, my feca memory is going these days) and now is already 150+ in levels! Seriously I’ve never seen anyone (even an Eniripsa for that matter) level so fast. And to make it even better most of the time he doesn’t even use a wand! Talk about beastly! Let’s give one of our top eniripsa’s in the guild a huge congrats!

NOW BOTH OF YOU LEVEL TO 200! Bahahahaha!

3 Responses to “WTF?!?! Number 20 and 21 for level 150!!”

  1. Hiroe Says:

    Yay, grats Val and Avo! ^^

  2. vio Says:

    Wow! They sure streaked past me! Grats both of you!

  3. adesso Says:

    I think I am going to try to be the next one to 150…. Anyone wanna race?