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Valfreze IconChancy Osamodas befriends her Wryming

Today, Ingrid-Rose made her swift accomplishment to level 100! Congrats on a hasty 100 Goobs. Now level to 114 to equip full Ancestral Set and start rocking with Whip!

McGoobs IconWTF?!?! Number 20 and 21 for level 150!!

That’s right! We recently had our 20th and 21st to reach that epic level of 150! That almost 1/3 of the guild! I think I might need a tissue…..

Valfreze, our newest Superlative Exemplar governor, coasted through the 150 mark just like a Feca would……with his shield on and staf…… I mean AXE a blazing! He does more damage than me and I’m a higher level! Truely amazing! Let’s give this 2nd Nub Feca and huge congrats!

Aguacate, who was a few weeks ago below 100 (if I do remember correctly, my feca memory is going these days) and now is already 150+ in levels! Seriously I’ve never seen anyone (even an Eniripsa for that matter) level so fast. And to make it even better most of the time he doesn’t even use a wand! Talk about beastly! Let’s give one of our top eniripsa’s in the guild a huge congrats!

NOW BOTH OF YOU LEVEL TO 200! Bahahahaha!