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Valfreze IconMerry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

We have decided to celebrate the Christmas and New Years with an Exp contest! Huge prizes to be won, head over to our forums and see the announcement under Contests and Events.

Happy hunting everyone!

vio IconHiroe’s Early Christmas Bash

The Christmas spirit is starting to come alive once again, it means people will gather with their friends and family sharing love, memories and… presents! ;D

This year, the first presents will come a bit earlier. ^^
This is a contest where every single participant will receive a surprise prize, but there are also bigger prizes to win!

– scroll of spells
– gelano
– set of 5 keys (toror, tot, SO, skeunk, bworker)
– 1000 pods bworky pet
Shield Kada

How to participate:
The following is a list of 10 riddles. All of them have multiple answers that could be correct, but only one of them is the right answer for this contest! It all comes down to chance to see if you can make the right guess.

What you have to do is reply here with your answers. There will be 5 winners, ranked by the number of correct answers that they guessed. In case of a tie between 2 or more participants, I will be using a random number generator to assign the order between them. You are allowed to give the same answer for a question as someone who posted above you.

The first place winner will be the first to choose one prize from the list, the 2nd place winner will chose one prize from the remaining prizes and so on.

Will you be able to guess the most correct answers and win a prize? We shall see! ^^

The contest ends on December 10th. Good luck to everyone! :D

The 10 riddles:
1. Name of an item dropped on the Moon island beach.
2. Name of a monster found in the field dungeon.
3. Name of a tree.
4. Name of a class.
5. Name of a Dofus village (one of the 7: the 4 pandalas, dopple, zoth, or imps).
6. Name of a type of wabbit.
7. Name of an Otomai dungeon (one of the 5 resetting dungeons).
8. Bonta or Brakmar? ;D
9. Name of a bounty.
10. Name of an existing Dofus (real or fake).

Note: the govs are already aware of the list with the right answers, so there will be no modifications to it throughout the contest.

Merry Early Christmas to all from Hiroe and Good Luck!