Valfreze IconWhat happens when an epic shorty becomes epic?

In the dark, gloomy Bottomless Peat Bog something small scattered across.  Was it an Ouassingue? Was it a Pikoko? No, it’s ….  Aerate! Gosh you’d never have noticed without my commentary. Just look at how short he is!

Today our beloved protagonist of Shy’s-so-short jokes has reached the big level 150. Its been three years since he started playing, and he says, “I didn’t get any taller [joining epic club]”

Long live the Shy’s-so-short jokes. Let us all give a round of applause for this great achievement, congrats Shy!

One Response to “What happens when an epic shorty becomes epic?”

  1. vio Says:

    Hehe grats shorty….er Shy! Hmm I’m still taller even when I bow….unless I’m am a bow. ;D.