Intuo IconTrick or Treat!

Happy Halloween everybody! Our very own -sugar-mama- will be holding a special event tomorrow at our guild house located on Otomai’s island. (-56, 7) The fun is planned for around 23:00-2:30 Dofus time on Halloween day, so stop on by and remember to say “Trick or Treat!”

Our little -sugar-mama- always did have a sticky sweet tooth, but this year she vowed to lay off her sweet stuff and decided to give it away. (out of sight out of mind you know) And what better time then Halloween to give away all her candies and sweet items. Heck if you visit at the right time I hear she will be giving away a full jelly set (so as not to be tempted to lick it anymore) including a grand prize of a Gelano!

So come to (-56, 7) on Halloween and get a sugar high with the Superlative Exemplar crowd! ^^

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