McGoobs IconStab stab stab to 100!

After only being here for about two weeks, Aguacate hit that big mark of level 100!

Stabbing his foes to death with his daggers and healing in the process, this eniripsa does it all! How he does it, while keeping a 1/2 crit rate on those daggers we’ll never know! He joined our ranks around level 80, and now he’s level 100!

Let’s give him a huge congrats on this huge achievement as well as making it so fast! Congrats Aguacate!

3 Responses to “Stab stab stab to 100!”

  1. vio Says:

    Grats on the accomplishment Agua! Welcome to the sparklies club.

  2. Hiroe Says:

    Congrats, Agua! ^-^

  3. Valfreze Says:

    Congrats Agu, that was tremendously fast!