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Valfreze IconAn Ephemeral Harvest

An Eternal Harvest… the ultimate quest where one must capture the soul of every single monster in game to be rewarded with the Ochre Dofus. Known to be created at the genesis of the World, it grants the holder to increase their AP so that they may sip a cup of coffee while slaying ten men. 

True to its name the quest has despaired many whom seek due to the never-ending search.

But not this one! One of our new Protectors, Hiroe has attained the Holy Grail. Thought to be the fourth (or third?) Ochre Dofus on Rushu, she has captured the Arachangels, Tofudds,  Dragaustins,  Scarabreefs,  Ougineemos,  Treekniddios,  Fung Kus, Sorgyo Quiretoxs,  Pandoracles…. you get the picture . All the monsters in-game, with the added variety of those rare arch mobs. Gotta catch ’em all!

Congratulations for this absolutely astonishing effort, lets give a round of applause!

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