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Intuo IconTrick or Treat!

Happy Halloween everybody! Our very own -sugar-mama- will be holding a special event tomorrow at our guild house located on Otomai’s island. (-56, 7) The fun is planned for around 23:00-2:30 Dofus time on Halloween day, so stop on by and remember to say “Trick or Treat!”

Our little -sugar-mama- always did have a sticky sweet tooth, but this year she vowed to lay off her sweet stuff and decided to give it away. (out of sight out of mind you know) And what better time then Halloween to give away all her candies and sweet items. Heck if you visit at the right time I hear she will be giving away a full jelly set (so as not to be tempted to lick it anymore) including a grand prize of a Gelano!

So come to (-56, 7) on Halloween and get a sugar high with the Superlative Exemplar crowd! ^^

Valfreze IconNew Rules are posted!

The Governors are proud to reveal the updated rules for Superlative Exemplar! You can find them in the Guild Rules & Guidelines section of the forum. For the most part we simply edited and revised the old rules to make them more clear and to remove outdated or incorrect information.

In addition to the editing of the old rules, there are some big changes that I will briefly overview:

  • Current members now have a mandatory 5% donation to guild
  • Minimum level requirement for entering the guild has been raised to 110
  • Instalment of new recruitment form with a set of revised questions

For more information, head over to the forums!

Valfreze IconSuperlative Exemplar becomes more fruity

Recently, our fearsome levelling machine Eniripsa has been promoted to Protector! Let us put our hands together to congratulate Aguacate for his promotion. Welcome to our ranks officially, Agu!

Valfreze IconAl O’ween

Can you hear the howls at Halloween? It is said that the Beast’s curse transformed Gobballs into an accursed animal that left the greatest of Amakna troops into desolation last year. As time for this bloody day approaches, their unrested souls’ lamenting howls were heard throughout Amakna… but I personally think the howls are SE’ers who couldn’t answer the riddles.

It’s time for Halloween again. We are going to celebrate in a fun little scavenger hunt. There will be prizes, but are they Tricks or Treats? Muahhaaaa! There is only one way to find out! There are 20 questions referencing items that are found in various regions scattered over the land of twelve. Correctly figure out what the items are and then bring those items to a governor.

 Head over to the forums to find out about the details!

Valfreze IconWhat happens when an epic shorty becomes epic?

In the dark, gloomy Bottomless Peat Bog something small scattered across.  Was it an Ouassingue? Was it a Pikoko? No, it’s ….  Aerate! Gosh you’d never have noticed without my commentary. Just look at how short he is!

Today our beloved protagonist of Shy’s-so-short jokes has reached the big level 150. Its been three years since he started playing, and he says, “I didn’t get any taller [joining epic club]”

Long live the Shy’s-so-short jokes. Let us all give a round of applause for this great achievement, congrats Shy!

McGoobs IconStab stab stab to 100!

After only being here for about two weeks, Aguacate hit that big mark of level 100!

Stabbing his foes to death with his daggers and healing in the process, this eniripsa does it all! How he does it, while keeping a 1/2 crit rate on those daggers we’ll never know! He joined our ranks around level 80, and now he’s level 100!

Let’s give him a huge congrats on this huge achievement as well as making it so fast! Congrats Aguacate!

Valfreze IconOne belated cheer and another timely cheer!

Let us put our hands together to welcome back Poriphyron from his hiatus of Dofus. Sorry for the belated news, its certainly not because your triumphant return was any less significant. May your time at return be as pleasant as the one we had seeing you.

Our timely cheer goes to Mincet. Let us join together to congratulate and welcome her into the rank of Protector! She’s not only intelligent like a good Fecaette, but received the blessing from god Enutrof himself. Three cheers for the unique Chance/Intelligent Feca amongst our ranks!

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