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McGoobs IconNubs are taking control!

That’s right! You heard it right here first! (well second really, it was first posted on the forum)

Two new governors were elected yesterday into S.E.’s governor….. umm council? (I guess that’s what we call it :P )

Let’s give a huge congrats to both Valfreze and Intuo, two of our best and brightest on this huge…. wait what am I saying these are the biggest nubs out there. The xelor can’t take an ap from a tofu and the feca can’t even stop the damage from a piwi. Talk about pathetic….

Hehehe I kid. Seriously though they are both two great guys and are great additions to our governors already. Let’s give them both a round of applause as they really deserve. Good things are coming ahead with them on board.

For those that haven’t already figured it out, Koba has pretty much been gone from S.E. and Dofus for a while now. RL has been taking it’s toll, and he’s just been majorly busy. He’s stepped down from the governor’s ranks because of it. He’s kept in touch with the governor’s and he’s doing well but just can’t commit do Dofus at all right now.

That being said, it’s about time we boost those governor ranks with some of our outstanding S.E.’ers. Each governor now made a few suggestions as to who should be promoted. We went through each suggestion, and choose what we thought would be the best for the leadership positions. Just imagine a texan, a new yorker, and a chi-towner sitting in a conference room looking over applications screaming at each other :P

It’s obvious we cannot promote everyone. It was a hard decision to make. We believe we’ve made the best one, and we hope you’ll support us on that.

That being said, it’s our pleasure to announce or two newest governors…..

Valfreze and Intuo!!

Let’s give them a huge congratulations on this promotion! They’ve both been in leadership positions before, and they both have shown what it takes to be governors in SE. Give’em that huzzah they deserve!