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Aerate IconDofus Updates to 1.21

A new version of the Dofus client is available for download. This release adds a handful of new dungeons, weapons, and equipment. To read a detailed list of the changes, please visit the Ankama Games Dofus Forum’s Log Book.

The new version is available for download at the Official Community Site.

DreadBear IconHeadline News: White Sadida turns 100

Headline news in the Bonta newspapers today. A small group of scouts and scientists looking to see the mating patterns of the fouxe species uncovered a massacre. Every fouxe laid to waste….

The leaders of Bonta could not believe. Struck by just thinking about what powerful being did this, they dispatched a small group of adventurers to figure it out. Armed to the brim with weapons and supplies to last months, they headed out to Feudala to bring this mystery to an end. They followed the tracks of what they thought was a sadida. The tracks led them deep into the lair of the fouxes.

As they made it to the last cave what they saw was quite the sight. A small female sadida was attacking the last group of fouxes! And boy was it a sight! Armed with her staff she fought them off and achieved that great level. As the group of adventurers walked towards the sadida in fright, she dispatched the last fouxe and headed for the exit of the lair.

“Hey there! Who are you? How’d you…..”


and then she disappeared into the night.

Congratulations on the tremendous achievement!