kobayashi IconPrimitive Cemetery, Nightfall, Winter Approaching

There’s an endless drizzle in this Eca-foresaken place. My fur’s matted and stained with dried blood and the grime of the swamps. I hate it here, I really do, but my debts are many and the need for Koalak Rider Skins and the sweet taste of fresh young Koalak Grave Diggers keeps me coming back.

An hour ago Amma, Murrp, Mordern, Kobayashi, Ehmmet and myself took down twenty two Koalak Mummies, six Koalak Masters and a calvary of Koalak Riders in a fierce Ambush. We’ve stopped to loot the bodies and I can’t avoid crunching away on a Drakolak leg as I rifle through a courier satchel clutched by one of the dead riders.

Inside I find a rolled up parchment and realize there’s a bounty on the head of one of our members!


A Warning to all Good Koalak Families!

Skeunk, monster that he is, is luring more of his awful species to our homeland.

In the past month many Koalak mothers have been killed shortly after delivery by a vicious Eniripsa intent on fame and power. Her name is Heelo and you will know her by her mark, a winged tattoo said to be imprinted on her hide.

Bring her remains to Ihsa Yabok for a reward of six hundred Kaliptus Flowers and twelve fine Turkies.


How dare they, the Koalak dogs!

In honor of Heelo making it to well over level 100, I’ve penned the world’s worst example of Haiku to sing her praises.

Fearful leaf eaters,
hiding in dark forest trees,
Silent Heelo comes

7 Responses to “Primitive Cemetery, Nightfall, Winter Approaching”

  1. McGoobs Says:

    This was well worth the wait for. Priceless post Koba. Congratz on 100 Heelo. Sorry for the wait, but I hope the post was worth it! GRATZ !!

  2. vio Says:

    Grats! (Koba’s posts are always worth waiting for.) Hope you’re enjoying the sparkles.

  3. heelo Says:

    Many thanks to all for the warm welcome and a place to call home. (and, yes, the tattoo is real!!)

  4. SonOfNyx Says:

    Grats heelo!

    Well written, btw!

  5. Aerate Says:

    yay! grats Heelo!

  6. Rufino Says:

    Grats Heelo! Welcome to the sparkling club :]

  7. blueMigo Says:

    Yah heelo!!
    Yay haiku!! :D