McGoobs IconPanda Extraordinaire hits that magical level!

In a furry of troll and koalak bashing Thyfatone, one of our two resident Pandawa’s, hit level 100. After completely decimating the troll population (I know it’s hard to do, don’t ask me how he did it), Thy ran into Bonta and crafted and maged his next tool of destruction. I caught up with him shortly after for a quick interview and this is the quote I got.

“Can’t……..Drunk on blood of monsters……must get beer and food then out for more bashing…”

Truly a wonder that Panda is!

Gratz on 100 Thy! Hip hip HOORAY!!

6 Responses to “Panda Extraordinaire hits that magical level!”

  1. vio Says:

    Yay! Grats Thy! Welcome to the sparklies club! Those Trolls will never recover. ;p

  2. XxXCCCXxX Says:

    Woot! Grats Thy! Look at them Sparkles…hey! wait a minute, 200 already on the outlook…Thy the trool Killa…easy 200 ;)

    Think we need to call the WWF, they need to add another species to the on the way to extinction club ;)

    Grats on 100 again. Woot, woot!

  3. Chimney Says:

    Holy awesomeness that was a fast push to 100! Nice work mate! I can’t wait to sparkle along with you.

  4. DBCooper Says:

    Way to Go Thy! ….and so much for you contributing to the “Save the Trools” fund this year? :P

    Nevertheless, awesome work on Lvl 100! Grats again!

  5. blueMigo Says:

    Thyf saved me some trool for Thanksgiving. He’s a real pal. If you simmer it in curry and coconut milk long enough, the rancid aftertaste goes away :D

  6. SonOfNyx Says:

    Grats Thy! :D If you ever need someone to level on Trools with, just lemme know. :) I can dodge lock ’em now, we’d just need bait. :P