vio IconNeo is back and Kicking @$$

About a month ago I’m running around chopping wood for Goobs for his staff carver. I get a PM from Nicknobreak wanting to know if I remember NeoElite. Of course I remembered Neo and Nick informs me he is back. Or, would like to be, but there is ONE thing that HAD to happen for him to come back. He needed to be in SE. I shot him an invite immediately. He said “Wait. I need to make a Sacrier and get it leveled enough to be p2p first.” So, he made a Sac, spent a day getting it leveled enough to be p2p, and then rejoined his family.

Did I mention it’s only been about a month? Well being the driven individual he is, last night in a whirl of punishing kicks and astounding moves, with as many Guildies as were on, looking on in spec mode, that whirling dervish started his own fireworks and hit 100! His friend Arilla who has been helping him level at such a furious rate had hit 100 on that map, and as a tribute and with her along for the fight, he chose to hit 100 on the same map, (much to the dismay of a couple players there)18, -37  in Aerdala.

Well done Neo and welcome back, to the family and to the 100 club! You amaze me.

5 Responses to “Neo is back and Kicking @$$”

  1. McGoobs Says:

    Congratz again Nick!

  2. blueMigo Says:

    Wow. Conga rats!

  3. DBCooper Says:

    Amazingly fast leveling, Nick!

    Way to go!

  4. Aerate Says:

    Holy crap, that was crazy fast! Took me at least a year to get my first character leveled to 100. Congratulations, Nick!

  5. TheEclipse Says:

    Woah! Awesome going Nicko! Lets get you to 150!