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McGoobs IconPanda Extraordinaire hits that magical level!

In a furry of troll and koalak bashing Thyfatone, one of our two resident Pandawa’s, hit level 100. After completely decimating the troll population (I know it’s hard to do, don’t ask me how he did it), Thy ran into Bonta and crafted and maged his next tool of destruction. I caught up with him shortly after for a quick interview and this is the quote I got.

“Can’t……..Drunk on blood of monsters……must get beer and food then out for more bashing…”

Truly a wonder that Panda is!

Gratz on 100 Thy! Hip hip HOORAY!!

kobayashi IconPrimitive Cemetery, Nightfall, Winter Approaching

There’s an endless drizzle in this Eca-foresaken place. My fur’s matted and stained with dried blood and the grime of the swamps. I hate it here, I really do, but my debts are many and the need for Koalak Rider Skins and the sweet taste of fresh young Koalak Grave Diggers keeps me coming back.

An hour ago Amma, Murrp, Mordern, Kobayashi, Ehmmet and myself took down twenty two Koalak Mummies, six Koalak Masters and a calvary of Koalak Riders in a fierce Ambush. We’ve stopped to loot the bodies and I can’t avoid crunching away on a Drakolak leg as I rifle through a courier satchel clutched by one of the dead riders.

Inside I find a rolled up parchment and realize there’s a bounty on the head of one of our members!


A Warning to all Good Koalak Families!

Skeunk, monster that he is, is luring more of his awful species to our homeland.

In the past month many Koalak mothers have been killed shortly after delivery by a vicious Eniripsa intent on fame and power. Her name is Heelo and you will know her by her mark, a winged tattoo said to be imprinted on her hide.

Bring her remains to Ihsa Yabok for a reward of six hundred Kaliptus Flowers and twelve fine Turkies.


How dare they, the Koalak dogs!

In honor of Heelo making it to well over level 100, I’ve penned the world’s worst example of Haiku to sing her praises.

Fearful leaf eaters,
hiding in dark forest trees,
Silent Heelo comes

vio IconNeo is back and Kicking @$$

About a month ago I’m running around chopping wood for Goobs for his staff carver. I get a PM from Nicknobreak wanting to know if I remember NeoElite. Of course I remembered Neo and Nick informs me he is back. Or, would like to be, but there is ONE thing that HAD to happen for him to come back. He needed to be in SE. I shot him an invite immediately. He said “Wait. I need to make a Sacrier and get it leveled enough to be p2p first.” So, he made a Sac, spent a day getting it leveled enough to be p2p, and then rejoined his family.

Did I mention it’s only been about a month? Well being the driven individual he is, last night in a whirl of punishing kicks and astounding moves, with as many Guildies as were on, looking on in spec mode, that whirling dervish started his own fireworks and hit 100! His friend Arilla who has been helping him level at such a furious rate had hit 100 on that map, and as a tribute and with her along for the fight, he chose to hit 100 on the same map, (much to the dismay of a couple players there)18, -37  in Aerdala.

Well done Neo and welcome back, to the family and to the 100 club! You amaze me.