Aerate IconEniripsa Hands Out Aspirine

… after dealing a massive beating to the brutal monsters across the land of Dofus. Soft Oak, Pandikazes, and the Dragon Pig were just a few of the monsters which felt the wrath of Genevieve’s intense fight for level 100. Now that she’s reached her goal, they might just recieve a break, and a chance to mend those wounds…

Or not! Keep on kicking on, Gen! Congratulations on level 100!

4 Responses to “Eniripsa Hands Out Aspirine”

  1. McGoobs Says:

    Gratz Gene! Keep kicking that ass! <3

  2. vio Says:

    Grats! You’ve worked hard to get here! Welcome to the sparklies club.

  3. Intuo Says:

    Congrats Gen!

  4. blueMigo Says:

    rawr! go go gen! go go!