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Aerate IconDofus Updates to v1.20

In a possibly hasty release, Ankama Games has updated Dofus to version 1.20. You can grab a copy of the game and start installing from their Download Page. The new downloader is a bit clunky, so you’ll have your patience tested, but the new features and island should be well worth the pain. :razz:

For a list of the modifications, you can view a translated copy of the official posting at Imps Village’s Announcements section. Right here. Enjoy!

Aerate IconEniripsa Hands Out Aspirine

… after dealing a massive beating to the brutal monsters across the land of Dofus. Soft Oak, Pandikazes, and the Dragon Pig were just a few of the monsters which felt the wrath of Genevieve’s intense fight for level 100. Now that she’s reached her goal, they might just recieve a break, and a chance to mend those wounds…

Or not! Keep on kicking on, Gen! Congratulations on level 100!

Aerate IconSuperlative Exemplar Re-Designs

It’s either been a long time coming, or an entirely unessecary change. Either way, is merging into a new look fit for the 650s (D.U.T., duh! ;-) ). It’s still a little early in the development, but hopefully it’ll shape up nicely. I’m sure someone will run into a couple bugs, so if you’d like to help out the site a bit, please drop us a line and let us know what’s up. Feel free to make comments and suggestions too! Enjoy, and thanks for visiting. :-)