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kobayashi IconBEWARE!

There’s a mad sadida among us. Armies run when they hear her roar!

We’d always known there was a bit of rivalry between Inle and Migo. Old friends they might have been, but he was always just a few levels ahead of her, taunting her progress and shooting the occasional arrow her direction. She was especially bothered by the constant suggestions that she might be some sort of dual account of Migo’s — an unreal figment of his imagination foisted off on his SE brethren as a living, breathing woman. But we couldn’t have accounted for the sheer fury and mania that overcomes someone on that day they finally hit 100.

I’m here not to praise Inle, but to mourn Migo. Last night, casting 99 levels as lovable Sadida aside, Inle gave a wild level 100 war cry and promptly aggroed Migo leaving only a head stone where he once stood.

Ignore that crazy rumor that she ate him. The only thing she’s sticking to is her Sadida oath as a vegetarian.

Remember the Migo!