Aerate IconHairy Lady Flexes Muscles

After decimating nearly every type of mob in the land of Amakna, our latest Sadidette, Anabel-Lee, jet past the level 100 mark! The winning mob just happened to be a poor group of Plain Cracklers, but the remaining pile of gravel cheered her on as she lit up the sky with her new sparkles. Congratulations, Ana. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone move up so quickly!

7 Responses to “Hairy Lady Flexes Muscles”

  1. dweeblet Says:

    Grats Analbel !
    Every Sadidette should have lotsa sparklies :D

  2. DreadBear Says:

    Grats Ana, you’re sparklies are well deserved you’ll be 150 in no time :P

  3. vio Says:

    Wow! So quick! Grats! I know you have worked hard, and welcome to the sparklies club!

  4. blueMigo Says:

    she beat me :'(

    *goes back to corner*

  5. Rufino Says:

    Grats Ana!!! You’re lookin ultra-powerfull as ever!

  6. Dvice Says:

    Very nice Ana! Way to show your sadi power.

  7. XxXCCCXxX Says:

    Woot! Geez! You got there soo fast! hold on there, if ya continue you’ll hit 200 within the week :D grats :D