DreadBear IconCra Terrorizes Kaliptus Forest

Mama Koalaks are keeping their children closer, Foresters are running in fear. In a mad and fevered rampage he mowed down the Kaliptus Forest in a race to hit 100.  Then just to keep things interesting Bear threw down the gauntlet and gave him a challenge he couldn’t refuse. Get to 100 before she reached her next level! And then it happened! He did it! One of our most favorite cra’s has finally made it to level 100 and joined in with our sparklies club. Good work Migo your sparklies are well deserved keep up the good work buddy.

8 Responses to “Cra Terrorizes Kaliptus Forest”

  1. vio Says:

    Yay for the sparkly Cra! Grats Migo well done. Welcome to the sparklies club! You’ve worked hard to get here!

  2. dweeblet Says:

    Grats Migo!!

    *insert migo migo pow pow joke here* xD

  3. Oralind Says:

    Migo! *tackle hug* Great job, little bro!!

  4. DBCooper Says:


    Way to go Migo!

  5. Rufino Says:

    w00t its Migo the new sparkling cra! Well done pal!!

    *looks for a bottle of bworky beer*

  6. Dvice Says:

    Awesome job Migo! All those poor creatures deserved to die, no really they did.

  7. XxXCCCXxX Says:

    Woot! Grats! and welcome to the club :) now only 100 more to go ;)

  8. blueMigo Says:

    thanks guys :)

    i have to give a special thanks to Dreadbear, who leveled me something like 40-50% in one night in my home stretch when I didn’t think I would EVER make it to 100. I’m not sure I thanked her properly that morning/night :)

    And if any of you feel like you need additional thanks, I have 30 bwork beers in my bag :)