vio IconROCKN’ Feca

The Yokai, Maho and Soryo may never recover from the rampage of slaughter that has been mowing them down of late. The light glints off his mighty sword and, with a slash, the final Foux falls at his feet. Our HAX Feca, dWeeblet has reached a major milestone today and hit level 150!  You are ROCKN’, my friend!

10 Responses to “ROCKN’ Feca”

  1. Aerate Says:

    Woo hooo! Grats dWeeb! that’s amazing!

  2. dweeblet Says:

    Aww. Thx gang ^.^

    It’s truly only good times with you all there with me

  3. vio Says:

    Ragoo said to tell you “GRATS!”

  4. Intuo Says:

    Congrats on 150 dWeebs!

  5. DreadBear Says:

    w00t wtg sexeh i’m only 20 lvl’s behind ya :P

  6. blueMigo Says:

    booga booga.

    and conga rats

  7. Oralind Says:

    Woot! My favorite guy in green is growing up so fast!!

  8. TheEclipse Says:

    150 is not even close to what you deserve for making this game so enjoyable for us all =P

    keep it up suzan :)

  9. Dvice Says:

    150?!? I can not even comprehend how many gobbals that took you, way to stick with it dWeeb.

  10. XxXCCCXxX Says:

    150? say what!! Hax ain’t the word i’d use.. you sure ya aren’t paying a mod to add some xp to your account? :D grats dweebs and keep it up..