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DreadBear IconCra Terrorizes Kaliptus Forest

Mama Koalaks are keeping their children closer, Foresters are running in fear. In a mad and fevered rampage he mowed down the Kaliptus Forest in a race to hit 100.  Then just to keep things interesting Bear threw down the gauntlet and gave him a challenge he couldn’t refuse. Get to 100 before she reached her next level! And then it happened! He did it! One of our most favorite cra’s has finally made it to level 100 and joined in with our sparklies club. Good work Migo your sparklies are well deserved keep up the good work buddy.

Aerate IconHairy Lady Flexes Muscles

After decimating nearly every type of mob in the land of Amakna, our latest Sadidette, Anabel-Lee, jet past the level 100 mark! The winning mob just happened to be a poor group of Plain Cracklers, but the remaining pile of gravel cheered her on as she lit up the sky with her new sparkles. Congratulations, Ana. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone move up so quickly!

vio IconROCKN’ Feca

The Yokai, Maho and Soryo may never recover from the rampage of slaughter that has been mowing them down of late. The light glints off his mighty sword and, with a slash, the final Foux falls at his feet. Our HAX Feca, dWeeblet has reached a major milestone today and hit level 150!  You are ROCKN’, my friend!

DreadBear IconHaving a Wrath of a Good Time!

In a majestic fury of excitement, fear, and anger, one of our newest members of SE joined that fantastic sparklies club. Looking to get his ‘Wrath” on, Dvice destroyed every single monster mob that met him. And when I mean destroyed I mean it. Kind of like McGoobs when he starts to gyrate. Let’s give it up for Dvice on this wonderful landmark! Gratz Dvice!