Aerate IconMcGoobs Can’t Post…

In an almost “Zen-like” state, our latest 100 club member destroyed mob after mob on his pursuit for sparklies. In an interview after making 100, Trip was asked “How do you feel?”. In a cool, calm, and collected manner he simply replied “Where’s Rambo?” and walked off. Truly amazing. Let’s all give a huge congrats to Trip! Congrats!

8 Responses to “McGoobs Can’t Post…”

  1. McGoobs Says:

    LOL Congratz Trip. Damn I suck at posting….

  2. violetnurse Says:

    W00T! WTG CCC! Welcome to the sparklies club! You’ll pass me up anytime now I’m sure.

  3. Aerate Says:

    Conga Rats Trip!

  4. Oralind Says:

    Congratulations Trip! Perserverence pays off!

  5. TheEclipse Says:

    Congrats Mate!

    You worked hard for it and you thoroughly deserve it!

  6. blueMigo Says:

    hey, i’m supposed to say Conga Rats in the noble tradition of Lanugo. Can I leech off of you in my push to Lvl 100? :D

  7. SonOfNyx Says:

    Grats Trip! :D Way to beat me there. XP Hehe, I’m close behind darnit!

  8. XxXCCCXxX Says:

    Thanks :D took a while but i finally moved my buttocks to try adn get to 100, see ya’s at 200 ;)