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Aerate IconMcGoobs Can’t Post…

In an almost “Zen-like” state, our latest 100 club member destroyed mob after mob on his pursuit for sparklies. In an interview after making 100, Trip was asked “How do you feel?”. In a cool, calm, and collected manner he simply replied “Where’s Rambo?” and walked off. Truly amazing. Let’s all give a huge congrats to Trip! Congrats!

McGoobs IconGoobs Post Deletion Deletes McGoobs

Efforts to delete a random post from McGoobs today resulted in the complete disappearance of his character from Rushu. Many long time friends no longer remembered anything about him until gyrating dance reenactments triggered long repressed memories.

“I’ve filed a restraining order against Aerate asking that he and Colette seek all this gyrating in their crazed attempts to restore my memory,” said Violetnurse.

Dreadbear seconded her on the issue. ” We paid good money to have those memories blocked! The gyrating, the peeing…….”


Aerate IconSuperlative Exemplar Re-Opens

As of today, Superlative Exemplar has officially re-opened for recruitment. Please take a look at our Recruitment Information Page, then fill out our Application Form and send it in. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks everyone! :)