McGoobs IconSexy!…..and now even more DEADLY!

Welcome Berma to the 100 Club! Specializing in backstabbing delights, Berma has wonderfully danced around the map destroying monster upon monster with the flick of wrist. I almost got the dagger, but thank the Dofus gods my shields were up. Let’s give her a round…of applause and beer! Gratz Berma!

8 Responses to “Sexy!…..and now even more DEADLY!”

  1. violetnurse Says:

    Yay Berma! Grats! Welcome to the 100 club the sparklies look good on ya!

  2. --samuel Says:

    Woot, Huge Congrats berma, great job, welcome to the sparklies club :)

  3. Oralind Says:

    My friend … congratulations! I know how much effort you put into those 100 levels and now you’ve finally attained it. Way to go!

  4. Clovet Says:

    Thats my grandma! Congratulations! Now you won’t be the first to die in battle i hope?

  5. AngelBear Says:

    yay Berma. Congrats :D Glad you finally got to join the club.

  6. IvIeIzLiN Says:

    Yo! berma sexy hot girl Gratz on ur 100 ^^, am very happy for ya hope u keep it up :D

  7. blueMigo Says:

    Hey Berma, a simple “conga rats” was not enough, so I wrote you a poem.

    Haiku for Berma:
    She can hit twice with lethal.
    Wow, one sexy sram!

    -ze Migo

  8. berma Says:

    Thanks guys

    Wow Migo you missed your calling in life. And Et I’m still going to die first in battle but just with more pizzazz now