Benton IconSammy Hits the Big One Zero Zero!

After some serious Trool and Panda bashing our newest Eni, –Samuel has reaches the holy grail for Eni’s everywhere! Watch out for his massive WoR Heals in a Dungeon Run near you. Also Sammy can you give the Trools in Litneg a break they are getting a little bit tired of their daily bashing and would really like a few days to rest up and play scrabble. Congrats SAM!

7 Responses to “Sammy Hits the Big One Zero Zero!”

  1. AngelBear Says:

    Woot Congrats Sam :D About time you caught up. Can’t wait to see you sparklin.

  2. violetnurse Says:

    Grats Sammy! You have worked really hard to get here. Awesome job!

  3. McGoobs Says:

    Wow! Congratz Sam! I swear everyday I log in more and more people are leveling hardcore. Way to go!

  4. blueMigo Says:

    shmexy! conga rats, as Lanugo would say. Aussies rock! Now with Sam, SE can beat Dofus and take over Ankama!

  5. --samuel Says:

    thanks everyone, and i think i will be leaving the trools for a while because i need to get my new ammy made and also because ive killed all the good mobs :)
    so anyone interested in opening a bworkette soul with me, get in touch and ill be putting together teams very often.
    thanks again guys,

  6. Aerate Says:

    Hurrah! Yay Sam!

  7. berma Says:

    Congrats Sammy !!