Aerate IconDofus Version 1.18 Client Release

The latest update of Dofus is coming out on Thursday, the 5th (tomorrow, peoples!). A list of the modifications and download links can be found on the official forum, here (Official Forum Post).

To simplify things a bit, here’s the latest download links. You’ll need a torrent client to use them:

Client 1.18.0 in the .exe format:

Version 1.18.0 in the .exe format
MD5 checksum for the 1.18.0 version in the .exe format

Client 1.18.0 in the Zip format:

Version 1.18.0 in the Zip format
MD5 checksum for the 1.18.0 version in the Zip format

5 Responses to “Dofus Version 1.18 Client Release”

  1. violetnurse Says:

    Thanks Shy!

  2. McGoobs Says:

    LMAO. Too bad I don’t use torrents. I’ll just wait till the servers aren’t that bad where I can download it. Or some nice person can post it here to download. :-D

  3. Aerate Says:

    Added a direct “.zip” file link for all you non-torrent users out there. Check our forums for the link.

  4. McGoobs Says:


  5. blueMigo Says:

    hehe you should jump on that torrent bandwagon. I’m downloading dofus at 240 KB/s as we speak. I love not having to deal with Ankama’s site. Thanks again Shy!

    *P.S. If somebody wants, I can file transfer it over instant messenger(s)